Why do you need a rebrand?

Simply Cheesecake® is a business owned by a lovely woman who makes, well, cheesecakes!  Like many of my clients, she’d been badly let down by her last web designer who went to ground and stopped answering her emails.

It took Alyson a considerable amount of courage to contact me (once bitten, twice shy and all that jazz), but she did and I was able to set the wheels in motion to claim the site back from her last web designer. Mind you, it wasn’t a quick process, but we got there in the end.

Her next step was to ask me to incorporate her rebrand into the site. Rebrands can be a tricky business as they can be a catastrophic failure, but in this instance Alyson and her graphic designer had carefully thought it through and decided on a few tweaks to bring the logo more up to date, and some bright new colours to jazz things up.

Then all I had to do was to take their ideas and turn them into a website.

I’m really pleased with how the site looks now.  What do you think?

Before the rebrand


Simply Cheesecake after the rebrand