Keeping your IT secure

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It goes without saying that we are living in very uncertain times. The last two years plus the terrible situation in Ukraine have left us all feeling, at best, unsettled and, at worst, terrified. None of us know what the future will hold or how the world will change in coming months, and much of…

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SSL Certificate And Why Your Website Needs One

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An SSL Certificate is a digital certificate providing authentication for a website, enabling an encrypted connection. In plain English, this means that any data (messages, login details, payment card details) are encoded so that a hacker can’t intercept them when they’re passed from your device to the website. The authentication process is often described as…

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Do I really need a firewall and anti-virus on my WordPress website?

Yes, you do, particularly if you’re using cloud hosting (which most of us do) rather than your own servers or virtual private servers (VPS). Most hosts provide some sort of firewall protection, but on cloud hosting the firewall runs around the cloud space, rather than around your individual website. That means that if any one…

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What is two-factor authentication (or 2FA)?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is may be something you’ve never heard of, but I bet you’ve used it. It basically means requiring an extra layer of security, usually a device of some sort that you carry with you – like your bank card when you want to set up new payment details online, or your phone…

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The Cryptominer hack

There’s a new cryptomining hack out there. The hack itself is pretty standard – the hackers target websites with poor security and/or password hygiene, and then add a link which runs a piece of javascript. The new bit isn’t that they’re stealing data, or putting spammy SEO links on your website, but that they’re stealing your electricity!

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