How to Make Sticky Posts in WordPress

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Sticky Posts Did you know that WordPress allows you to feature a post by using ‘sticky posts’, one of the least known features of WordPress, though it is a standard part of the posting process? This is a feature that places a chosen post at the top of your blog, keeping it there for as…

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SSL Certificate And Why Your Website Needs One

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An SSL Certificate is a digital certificate providing authentication for a website, enabling an encrypted connection. In plain English, this means that any data (messages, login details, payment card details) are encoded so that a hacker can’t intercept them when they’re passed from your device to the website. The authentication process is often described as…

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I deleted a blog post accidentally – how do I get it back?

One of the things I like best about WordPress is that it’s actually quite hard to make a total mess of things. Every change you do to a post or page is stored so you can easily go back to previous revisions, but did you know that it also uses a recycle bin?  If you…

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Is there a quick way to speed my site up?

Site speed ups can be very complicated and involve a lot of tweaking, but if your site is loading really slowly have a look at the filesizes of the images on your pages. A large filesize will slow your site down considerably, particularly on mobiles which have restricted bandwidth. You should be aiming for images…

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Do I really need a firewall and anti-virus on my WordPress website?

Yes, you do, particularly if you’re using cloud hosting (which most of us do) rather than your own servers or virtual private servers (VPS). Most hosts provide some sort of firewall protection, but on cloud hosting the firewall runs around the cloud space, rather than around your individual website. That means that if any one…

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How do I know which bits of my WordPress site to test after an update?

The importance of testing your WordPress website If you’ve updated your WP version recently you’ll be familiar with the success screen – “Welcome to WordPress vx.x.x”. Of course, that only means that the new version has been installed correctly on your site – it doesn’t actually mean that your site is still working as it…

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