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picture of a blind asian woman in a blue and black dress using a screen reader

Making your website work better with screen readers

My last post was all about getting text to look clear for people with visual impairments, so this time I’m going to take it one step further and talk about making your website work better with screen readers, and with virtually no technical knowledge. I should qualify that by saying ...
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How to make your website more legible

  When it comes to website accessibility, most people’s first thought is that it means catering for visitors who use screen readers. Whilst this is true (and will be something I discuss in another post), designing for accessibility also includes designing for those with more minor visual impairments. For example: ...
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photo collage of all sorts of different people

What sort of people is web accessibility for?

Website accessibility is usually (at least in the UK) seen as an optional, and often expensive, add-on that website owners think doesn’t apply to them because they don’t supply products or services to the “disabled” community. The official WCAG definition of web accessibility is making sure that “websites and web ...
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Five of the best WordPress plugins for accessibility, but are they a magic fix?

A whopping 20% of the population have a disability of some kind or another. Some may use screen readers, some may need specific colour contrast between different elements of the page. Others will have cognitive disabilities or mobility disabilities. Whatever their need, you do not want to alienate One in ...
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is your username as important as your password quoted on pale background with jackdaw bird image

Are Your Usernames Just As Important As Passwords – Or More So?

Each time you set up a new account, you probably spend some time coming up with a strong password for it (or use a password generator). But how much thought do you dedicate to your username? Chances are, you’ve been using the same one for years. Some kind of nickname ...
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How to Make Sticky Posts in WordPress

Sticky Posts Did you know that WordPress allows you to feature a post by using ‘sticky posts’, one of the least known features of WordPress, though it is a standard part of the posting process? This is a feature that places a chosen post at the top of your blog, ...
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SSL Certificate And Why Your Website Needs One

An SSL Certificate is a digital certificate providing authentication for a website, enabling an encrypted connection. In plain English, this means that any data (messages, login details, payment card details) are encoded so that a hacker can’t intercept them when they’re passed from your device to the website. The authentication ...
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What Is A Parallax Website And Do You Need One?

Wikipedia definition: Parallax is a displacement or difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight, and is measured by the angle or semi-angle of inclination between those two lines Due to foreshortening, nearby objects show a larger parallax than farther objects when observed ...
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featured image on the fostering company case study

Case Study: The Fostering Company

Imagine you work with children and young people who desperately need your help and one of the main ways you have to try to facilitate that help is through a website that doesn't work properly. What do you do? Situational Analysis The Fostering Company already had a self-built website on ...
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Featured image on blog post Jackdaw Web Design – Now A Full Service Agency

Jackdaw Web Design – Now A Full Service Agency

I’m delighted to be able to tell you that after years of searching for the right associates, I can now proudly call Jackdaw Web Design a full service design agency. What does that mean? Simply put, it now means that I, together with my associates, can handle every aspect of ...
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Will Google’s intention to move UK data to the US affect small business GDPR compliancy?

In February 2020, Google announced its intention to move all its data about British users of its services, including Gmail, YouTube and the Android Play store, to the US.  But how will this affect GDPR compliancy of small businesses? And how will it affect the privacy of UK Google app ...
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featured image on blog post why do you need a rebrand

Why do you need a rebrand?

Simply Cheesecake® is a business owned by a lovely woman who makes, well, cheesecakes!  Like many of my clients, she'd been badly let down by her last web designer who went to ground and stopped answering her emails. It took Alyson a considerable amount of courage to contact me (once ...
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