What it’s like to work with Jackdaw Web Design.

The brief: Turn thingumies and whatsits from a self-confessed technophobe with a vision for an inclusive and accessible website into a real thing. Sandra Coulter from Silverline Memories gives us an insight into working with Jackdaw Web Design to transform their service to be pandemic proof and a lifeline for their service users.

What is Silverline Memories all about? “People with Dementia often experience loneliness and social isolation, along with their family carers. Silverline Memories was founded to provide social opportunities and meaningful activities designed to alleviate these, and other challenges.

When the Pandemic forced people with Dementia even further away from social connections, we knew we had to undertake a complete digital transformation. Before we could move all of our groups and activities online we needed a purpose-built website that was truly accessible for people with Dementia, taking into account the many challenges that can be experienced with changes in perception, reading and number recognition.”

How Jackdaw understood your challenges? “We were introduced to Jackie, and from the very beginning she was very patient in understanding what it was we were hoping to get from a new website. As a self-confessed technophobe, I talked a lot about wotsits and thingummies and Jackie was brilliant at being able to take my requirements and make them into something that was everything we could have hoped for, and so much more. We had one or two long Zoom meetings, and several email exchanges.”The outcome? “We were able to launch a website that perfectly met the needs of our service users. As well as being beautifully accessible, it has a range of additional safety features to protect the safety of our users while visiting the website. We have a “members area” where users can exchange messages, advice, information and generally stay connected with one another. Through the website we have been able to deliver 3-5 online groups each week, maintain a calendar so everyone can see what is happening and when, and embed our referral forms and contact forms. We have also integrated our online fundraising and events platform into our website, and our webchat feature which gives visitors many ways to connect and support our charity.

I cannot recommend Jackie enough for anyone considering a new website. Our requirements were complex and specific to a particular set of needs and Jackie delivered everything we needed and more. We are very grateful.”