Shiremoor Dental Practice – the value of a good content management system

Shiremoor Dental Practice was a full site rewrite.  They had had a site for many years but it was written in html and so was very difficult for them to maintain, as well as not being mobile friendly.  For example, the dentist featured on the Home page photo of the old site had retired five years earlier!

The other main reason for wanting a new site is that the new partners had started doing facial aesthetics (Botox, dermarolling and so on), and they wanted the new site to sell this side of their business.

Why WordPress CMS?

WordPress was an ideal fit for this client as it is one of the easiest content management systems to learn, as well as being one of the most powerful and flexible. As well as rebuilding their site, I had two training sessions with the practice manager who can now add photos to her gallery, update as much information as she wishes, including those all-important pricing pages!

What are the main benefits of using WordPress CMS?

For the client, there are two main benefits:

  1. they can keep the site up to date as frequently as they like
  2. they don’t have to pay me to do it for them.

And for me, there’s just one:

  1. I get to spend time doing what I love (building websites) rather than doing boring updates!

Have a look and let me know what you think.