Migrating a site from Squarespace to WordPress

Squarespace is a great platform if you’re just starting out on your website life, but it has its limitations and sooner or later many Squarespace users start looking for a more flexible and powerful option.

This happened to a client of mine, a green energy company called A Greener Solution, who wanted to expand their website whilst being able to control the content themselves, so WordPress was the ideal solution.

The (rather large) spanner in the works was that they were adamant that they liked the design of their website and they wanted to keep it exactly the same.  Not nearly the same: exactly the same.

Moving the content over was relatively easy – we just followed the instructions kindly put together by wpbeginner.  The trick was getting the site to look the same.

The only solution was to resort to a theme with a powerful page builder, in this case ProStyler.  It’s a great theme and massively flexible, but it allowed us to create multiple menus in the same format as the Squarespace site.  The result was an identical site that the client was (mostly) happy with.

Why do I say mostly?  Well, to be honest, the big drawback of using ProStyler is that it takes quite a while to get your head round it.  I think this is true of many very flexible options as the greater flexibility often leads to a complicated user interface, but once you’ve got it, you’re flying.

Every Jackdaw-built website comes with an introductory session to WordPress so that you can manage your own content.  Unfortunately with this one we need more than one session, but that’s ok, we’ll get there eventually!