Managing access to your WordPress site can be a tricky business to work out. It's a particular problem if you want to encourage people to sign up to your site, maybe so that they can follow your blog, buy from your shop or join in with your online forum.

How can you be confident that you're giving people access to your site but you're still keeping your site safe and secure?

What on earth is a user role? And what if you need more control than the default user roles give you?

Do you know what the difference between and subscriber and a contributor is? Or an author and an editor?

How can you limit a single page to just one or more users?

Whatever it is that's getting your users in a tangle, call me on 07762 140 433 or email me at and I'll show you how to sort it out.


"Jackie from Jackdaw design has literally saved my website! I had got it all in a muddle and it wasn't working for me as it should be and she resolved it simple as that! She is very professional and goes above and beyond for her clients."

Silvia Mather, Hummingbird Hypnotherapy