Kip McGrath, Gateshead East – Helping a local business to grow online

I’m feeling well chuffed today after Carol Milne of Kip McGrath Gateshead East asked me to check her SEO ranking.
Carol’s main targeted keyword phrase is ‘tutoring gateshead’, for which she now proudly holds the number one spot. She has six other keywords she targets (‘maths tuition gateshead’, ‘english tuition gateshead’), and for all of them bar one she’s on page one of Google – for the sixth she’s top of page two.
I can hear you saying that that must have cost her a fortune, but it really didn’t. The keys to her success were building the site so that Google could find and understand everything it needed, and getting the keyword research done and the content properly written – for which many many thanks go to my co-conspirator, Lesley Renwick of Uberella Media.
But what does this mean financially for Carol? Well it means that she’s now the third largest branch of Kip McGrath in the North of England, and is the fastest growing. Mind you, that’s mostly because of the excellent job Carol does with her students, but I like to think that the website has played a small part in her amazing success.
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