Getting started with WordPress

Jackdawhero-getting started

There are oodles of online resources that show you how to get started with WordPress, from videos through to step-by-step guides. That's great, but it's can be so overwhelming.

And what if you don't have time trawling through all the options to decide which is best for you?

Or what if you follow the guide and end up with something you don't like?

Or maybe you've already made a bit of start but have got lost and don't know how to finish the site off?

121 training can solve all of this for you because we'll concentrate on your site and your requirements, without filling your head with stuff you may never need.

I can take you through everything from working out the design of your site before you even log in for the first time, to choosing themes and plugins, and sorting out those final niggles before you make your site live.

And all for just £45 an hour!

Give me a call on 07762 140 433, or email me at to see how I can help you get started (or finished!).


"I have recently started working with Jackie on a project, and I have found her to be calm, methodical, incredibly knowledgeable (especially on tech issues) and with a great sense of humour... much needed when you're immersed in the wonderful world of web design."

Jackie Salmon