Can a new website really bring instant results?

The new website for MRM Builders has been just the most stunning success - I've amazed even myself!

Paul McDonough, the owner, had had a website for many years but it was outdated and was set up when all he did was fit windows and doors. It was now so out of date that it didn’t attract any new business at all and actually lost potential customers because when people looked him up on his website they turned away because they wanted a proper builder, not a window fitter.

So that was the brief: bring it up to date, change the focus to building extensions and full houses, and make sure it brought in the business.

To be honest, this one was a bit of a rush job because the old site was due to expire within a month, so I drafted in my friend and copywriter Lesley Renwick of UberElla Media.  While I built the site, she crafted the content, and what a marvellous job she made of it: there's lots of it, and it's really keyword-rich, so it should do well with the search engines.

I was also lucky that Paul had commissioned some great photographs from The Bigger Picture, so I had some fantastic content to work with.

So what happened? I hear you cry!

I put the site live on Thursday, 20th March and by the following Tuesday (just five days) Paul had six enquiries, and of those six one was a confirmed job worth several tens of thousand pounds. What a fantastic result! We are all over the moon.

If you'd like to see if we can do the same for you, why not give me a call?