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amy purdie

It's taken many years for me to find a graphic design partner who I trust to work with my customers. I've been working with Amy Purdie of Whiteacres Design now since 2018 and in that time we've realised that we both care deeply about the service we provide for our customers, and we both share the same ideals, goals and working methods.

Since starting to work together, Amy and I have developed a connection and working partnership that allows us to provide the most captivating and engaging websites, which work to bring you the business you need.

This is Amy in her own words:

"I'm Amy, and I love love LOVE helping business owners just like you create compelling brand identities which captivate your audience and help you to feel confident about how your business looks. If your brand lacks sparkle then throwing glitter at the problem won't help. It's about creating something that attracts the right people and gives them an idea of what you're all about.

Since I started Whiteacres' in 2010 I've been fortunate to work with some amazing people, not just over here in the North East UK, but internationally. My favourite thing to do is brand design - which is creating not just a logo, but a visual package for your whole business which includes your brand colours, typefaces, brand elements, illustrations, photography style and then implementing all of these across every touchpoint of your business so that you not only LOOK the business, but GET business by having a consistent image which speaks to your ideal customer and gives them a burning desire to work with you.

Brand identity is my thing. If you are a solo entrepreneur looking to raise your game then I'm here for you.

Maybe your offering has changed and you need your business image to reflect that? Perhaps your values have altered, or you are serving a different audience - or you may even want to improve how you look to help you reach a new one? It may be that you've been using the same DIY graphics since you started out and you know that they just don't cut the mustard. You need to try harder to look professional, exude confidence and ensure that your business shows just how great you are - not taking anything away from the amazing business that you have.

Whatever your reason for wanting to work on your brand identity then I'd love to help you out."


We were introduced to Jackie, and from the very beginning she was very patient in understanding what it was we were hoping to get from a new website.  As a self-confessed technophobe I talked a lot about wotsits and thingummies and Jackie was brilliant at being able to take my requirements and make them into something that was everything we could have hoped for, and so much more.

Sandra Coulter, Silverline Memories