Can bookbinding be a fine art?

Sue Bennett, Bookbinder

When I was asked to build this site for a local bookbinder, Sue Bennett, she was adamant that she was more than just a bookbinder: she was a fine artist.  Indeed, she had even made bookbinding the subject of the thesis she wrote for her MA in Fine Art.

I have to admit that I struggle with understanding Art, but it very quickly became apparent that if we were to reflect the passion she has for books and the written word, then this site needed to be all about the images of her beautiful books. Bearing that in mind, I had no hesitation in choosing a theme by Imagely, who build themes aimed at photographers, and it worked beautifully. She (and I) were especially happy with the Current Projects page, which is a Blog page but with a little more interesting layout than a normal list of blog posts.

Sue is now happily creating and repairing books and is quickly learning the art of blogging. Have a look at the site – I hope you’ll like it. And I hope that you’ll agree that her bookbinding is, indeed a Fine Art.