Bespoke WordPress Training

WordPress training sessions built around your site, your problems and your availability

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Bespoke WordPress Training

WordPress training sessions built around your site, your problems and your availability

Have you delved into the WordPress world and don't know where to go next?

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of information out there?

Have you taken over a site from someone else and you can't find your way around?

Or maybe you've already been on a WordPress training course but you can't apply it to your own site?

I offer 121 jargon-free training to help you to look after your WordPress website, ensuring you, or a member of your team, know how to keep the website safe and working with basic maintenance and can upload new content so it’s found by search engines.

Not only that, but all our sessions are recorded so you don't have to come back for refreshers, and you can share them around your team.

For just £45 an hour, I can take you through whatever you need to know, from starting a site from scratch, or just showing you how to do that one thing on your site that's bugging you.

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Who is bespoke training for?

Are you the manager or owner of a small business, charity or social enterprise website? Do you need to know the basics of how to keep it working?

If you’re at the start of your WordPress learning curve, let me support you with very specific 121 jargon-free training in plain English to help you with the basics of managing your website.

Ask me as many questions as you need and get my full attention to give you the best training experience to be able to look after a website.

To get you going with your first steps in managing a WordPress website, at just £45 an hour, book your 121 training session here.

Jackie is so amazingly helpful and patient! She is more than happy to help a novice with my endless questions! You're a star, thank you!!"

Danielle Stanley, Under the Rowan Trees

Have you already tried watching training videos, read the books or done a basic WordPress training course? But still can’t get your head around managing your website?

You already have some knowledge and basic understanding of WordPress, but still find some things difficult to apply in practice, and I can very much help you with that. You can ask me all the questions you can’t get answered by a video or book. And the best part is that I record every session so you can keep refer back whenever you want.

Jackie was great! Really helpful and didn't make me feel like I was silly for not understanding anything! Would highly recommend.

Kiana Carrington-Roberts, Cariad Babi

Or maybe you would really like to know how to start building your own website from scratch but need some help and guidance?

Let me help you get your small business, charity or social enterprise website off to a good start by training you in the principles of good website design.

It doesn't matter whether you're new to WordPress and web design, or whether you know a bit already, I'm happy to train you at the level you're comfortable with. That’s why I offer a bespoke service - we work together on whatever it is you decide you need.


What next?

If you still have questions, keep reading - you might find the answer below, or of course you can always contact me to find out more.

If you'd like to book in a WordPress training session, call me on 07762 140 433, email me at, or fill in the form on the Contact Us page and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


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